Infographic: The Fast Track to Care Coordination

STHL Care Coordination Infographic

Southern Tier HealthLink (STHL) provides a Health Information Exchange (HIE) that helps to improve care coordination for patients in the Southern Tier.

Southern Tier HealthLink (STHL) is a non-profit New York Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) that provides a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for a 5 county region in Upstate New York. The purpose of HIE and the goal of STHL is to enhance care coordination by providing comprehensive and accurate health records when and where they are needed.

Healthcare organizations that are not using HIE or are still using paper charts are "Side Tracked" by the limitations associated with these record system styles. Inefficient workflow processes and wasted time can turn into lost revenue. Limited access to labs and images can mean long waiting times or duplicate testing. In these instances, patient safety may be at risk.

Health Information Exchange helps deliver higher quality patient care by helping to get these suffering organizations "On Track". HIE helps to reduce the costs associated with obtaining disparate records and performing duplicate tests. It helps to improve workflow efficiency and provides important clinical information that can be directly linked to better patient outcomes. All of this can equate to saved lives. Participating with HIE also helps practices meet meaningful use incentives.

The Southern Tier HealthLink HIE serves a variety of healthcare professionals in our region through multiple routes of access. The STHL HIE can be accessed via the Clinical Web Portal, integrated electronic medical record (EMR) systems, mobile devices, and more. Access to the STHL HIE provides clinicians with access to their patients demographic information, allergies, medications, immunization records, problem and procedure lists, lab results, transcribed reports, and radiologic images.

In the last month alone, over 50,000 records have been delivered by the STHL HIE to more than 2,000 clinical users in our community. Almost 160,000 patients have given consent to their providers to view their records using the STHL HIE. Also, more than 25,000 patients currently have access to some of their own health information in the STHL HIE using our online Patient Portal!

Are you interested in connecting with the STHL HIE or using the Patient Portal? Contact us today!

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