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STHL Patient Portal: Your Personal Healthcare Record

Southern Tier HealthLink (STHL) is dedicated to Connecting the Dots among all of the people, places and equipment that deliver healthcare services.  We believe that you- the patient- should be at the center of your healthcare network with your doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals linked to all of the medical information they need to give you the best, most informed care possible.

An important feature of the STHL Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the ability for patients to access their electronic records that are stored in the HIE.  With the STHL Patient Portal, you'll have convenient online access to your own healthcare information.

In conjunction with our mission to "Connect the Dots" and our new participation in the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), STHL is upgrading the Patient Portal to include more information and additional features. This new and improved portal is expected to be available by Spring of 2015.

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Existing Users - What You Need to Know

Access to Your Health Information:

  • The majority of your health information currently stored in the STHL database will be available to you through the new upcoming portal.
  • As a previous STHL Patient Portal user, you had the ability to "Sync" your data to a Microsoft HealthVault account. Any information that you previously stored in your HealthVault account will remain secure and unchanged. You may continue to access this data by signing in directly to your Microsoft HealthVault account. However, the ability to add any new data from the STHL HIE is no longer available.

Managing Your Consent:

  • Online consent managemetn through the STHL Patient Portal is not currently available. This feature is expected to return in the future through the new upcoming Patient Portal.
  • If you wish to change your consent choice for a participating provider, you must fill out a consent form while you are at your provider's office.


Why Use a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

Watch this inspirational video, created by Southern Tier HealthLink, that follows a woman through her journey with breast cancer and highlights the importance and benefits of using a PHR.

Between Worlds - A Story of Hope.  A film by Southern Tier HealthLink

Between Worlds COMPLETE

Between Worlds COMPLETE

Involves Christina Galanis.