Provider Services

Southern Tier HealthLink offers a variety of services to providers:

  •  Connect to the HIE directly through your Electronic HealthCare Record (EHR) system.

       – Import clinical documents (CCDs) directly from the Southern Tier HealthLink Health
          Information Exchange (HIE).
                •  Clinical information imported directly into your EHR system’s proper fields.
                •  Clinical information comes from all STHL participating providers.
                •  Import can be done on-demand or automatically for all patients.
       – Make patient records available to all participating providers through the Southern Tier
          HealthLink HIE (export updated CCD).
       – Medent and NextGen EHR platforms are currently supported.  Contact STHL to inquire about
          connecting to STHL. 

  • Connect to other Practices using STHL’s EHR to EHR Referral Services.

       – Exchange clinical documents (CCD and C62) with other participating practices.
       – Import data elements directly into the proper fields in your EHR system.
       – Send/Receive triage messages.
       – Build Send Packages design standard attachment packages for different referral types.
       – Medent practices currently supported; NextGen in development. 

  • Connect to the HIE via the STHL Web Portal.

       – View comprehensive, longitudinal patient HIE records, including information from all of
          STHL’s participating organizations.
       – STHL Web Portal is now available using Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web
       – Authorized Users only.  Contact STHL to register.

  • Use iCare to connect to the STHL HIE.

       – View clinical documents from the STHL HIE using iCare, an iPhone application developed by
          Dr. Afzal ur Rehman.
       – Currently available for UHS Medical Staff.
       – Expansion in development. 

  • View diagnostic images with a single community wide PACS viewer.

       – Common PACS viewer that allows you to view images from any connected source.
       – Single sign on once you are connected to the HIE. 

  • Take Advantage of STHL’s support of EHRs.

       – Meaningful Use Seminars, EHR Summits, EHR User Forums.
       – Support for EHR selection, installation and Meaningful Use achievement.
       – Contact STHL for further information.

For more information on any of these services, contact STHL at 607.651.9150 or .